Icinga Training


Our Icinga training are designed to help you learn Icinga2.
The courses available start from the basics and teach best practices on how to setup and configure Icinga2.
It can go into more details on how to install monitoring in your specific environment.

The courses are the official Icinga training courses.
We also provide customized courses based upon knowledge from the developers.
With our Icinga advanced trainings, you will have the knowledge and customized information about Icinga.

The Icinga training is currently focused on Icinga2 and Icinga2web.

Icinga2 Standard Training

  • How to install and configure Icinga2 packages
  • How to install monitoring plugins
  • How to install Icinga2Web
  • Configuration & best practices
  • Connecting Clients, and installing plugins
  • How to setup Host, HostGroups, Service, and ServiceGroup Definition
  • Machine monitoring
  • Log monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • Application monitoring

Icinga2 Advanced Training

  • Setup a High Available and Distributed Icinga2 Cluster
  • How to use Zones, Proxy, and Endpoints
  • How to setup a secure SSL/TLS setup
  • Icinga2 troubleshooting
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Metrics using GraphiteCarbon
  • Upgrading Icinga2 version
  • How to setup metrics integrations
  • How to setup logging integrations
  • How to troubleshoot

Icinga2 Customized Training

Custom Icinga2 training are tailored to your situation.