IBM Power System Training

The IBM POWER Systems Training teaches about the IBM POWER platform.
As this architecture is not a standard x86 architecture, there are a range of different tools to manage a POWER machine.
This training explains the basic of system management and engineering of the POWER platform.
While the operating systems are largely the same, architecture specific tools will be explained.

IBM POWER Introduction Training

  • POWER architecture overview
  • POWER specific differences
  • Requirements on how to install POWER machines
  • How to install POWER machines
  • Basic OS tools of POWER machines

IBM POWER Advanced Training

  • How to use automated setup for POWER
  • Custumization of POWER machines
  • POWER optimizations
  • Troubleshooting the platform
  • Centralized system logging
  • Integrated POWER system monitoring

Linux for POWER

This course is tailored to using Linux on POWER machines. THe training comes in two forms.

  • Linux on POWER
  • Linux on OpenPOWER

The first training is a more general Linux course specific to POWER, while the second training focusses on the OpenPOWER machines.

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