Solutions Overview


These are some of the ready made solutions we provide.


Label Printing Solution

The Label Printing Solutions, is subdivided into specific solutions, each solutions provides a distinct label type. This solution is a combination of IT hardware, software, and services that combine together into a complete solution. Printer : Zebra Label Printer with dispensers, or cutters (ZPL based) Supplies : Zebra Labels, Zebra Wristbands, Zebra RFID Tagged Labels Software : vtLabeler Client Cloud Hosting : vtLabeler Server Service : Maintenance and updates services Food Label Printing This solution is a label creation and printing solution designed for food labeling.

Surveillance System

Our surveillance system use IP based Camera systems combined with specialized hardware and software to build an intelligent survaillance system. The combination of specialized hardware, and optimized software in additional to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning paterns, allow us the build solutions to the needs of the customer. The usage of specialized hardware, such as GPU based hardware, FPGA hardware, combined with specialized software, such as OpenML, CUDA and other software stacks, to enable maximum of usage and performance.

Cloud in a Box

The ‘‘Cloud in a Box’’ is a solution that comes in some different sizes. The Cloud Box combines compute, storage and networking to provide a full hardware and in combination with sofware is built for your needs. All systems run tailored Linux platforms and are setup for cloud usage with OpenStack, Kubernetes, OpenNebula, Nomad, Libvirt or other solutions. VanTosh uses branded hardware to build these solutions in combination with industry known software.

eCommerce Solution

VanTosh provides eCommerce Solutions with full integration possibilities. vtCommerce Our e-Commerce solution, vtCommerce, is a solution that provides a customized e-commerce platform. vtCommerce is a customized e-commerce using multiple components, which allows us to customize each component to your specific needs. We can integrate with an existing product database or convert to our e-Commerce optimized database. The integration between product database and online ecommerce system allows all information to be displayed online optimally.

eMailing Solution

The eMailing solution we provide is to do mass mailing to a list of contacts. We provide you with an subscribe and unsubscribe functionality, contact filtering, and email campaign follow up. Our solution can use templated emails with variables to build an individual personalized email for each contact. In combination with an e-commerce solution, a product database, an ERP system, or any another source the information from there can be combined to include a tailored selection of items, with product information and details.

GPS Location Solution

Location System If you want a solution to follow your vehicules, devices or even people. This solution give you the possibilities to know the location at every time and keep logs. With the use of mapping tools, the location can be displayed on a map to give a better overview of the current locations or visited locations. Food Delivery System Use as a food delivery system, from managing order coming in from customers till delivery at the customer.

Retail Advertisement Solution

This solutions is an advert system designed for retail purposes. The solution comes in different shapes, forms, and sizes. Connectivity The unit can be configured as stand alone or a central managed systems. Stand Alone Systems A stand alone system is a single unit with a screen which show the advertisement from a USB stick. This solution is good if you want to manage each unit seperatly without a central management system.

POS Printing Solution

The POS Printing Solutions, is subdivided into 2 sub solutions, each solutions provides a distinct solution. This solution is a combination of IT hardware, software, and services that combine together into a complete solution. Label Printing This solution is also refered to as vtLabeler, and is a label creation and printing solution. The solution is a combination of hardware, supplies, software, hosting and service. Printer : Zebra ZPL Supplies : Zebra Labels Software : vtLabeler Client Hosting : vtLabeler Server Service : Maintenance and updates services Receipt Printing This solution also refered to as the vtReceipt, is a receipt creation and printing solution.

IT Monitoring System Solution

Our IT monitoring system solution is a ready to use system, that comes in 3 main flavours. Cloud based IT Monitoring This is the solution based on our hosting platform that allows you to gain directly access to a fully setup and configured Icinga2 master. This solutions uses the cloud based master as the Icinga2 master and can communicate with an endpoint directly or make use of a proxy. The proxy can be setup on existing hardware or an applicance can be used to have a fully managed cloud based Icinga2 setup.