Pretix is a ticketing software that cares about your event.
We provide hosted services for Pretix, for an easy ticket and registration, more information on Pretix SaaS Page.

The Pretix Ticket shop features :

  • Customizable user experience
  • Flexible product structures
  • Embeddable into your website
  • Automated waiting list
  • Voucher system
  • E-mail communication
  • Campaign & affiliate tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Payment provider:
    • SEPA Direct Debit Bank
    • Stripe
    • Mollie
    • PayPal
  • Online tickets in your design
  • Mobile tickets
    • Apple Wallet
    • Android Passbook
  • Paper tickets and shipping
  • Check-in lists
  • Online and offline
  • Statistics & event-spanning reports
  • Team permissions
  • Data export and API
  • Notifications

Your user experience

The ticket shop is optimized for desktop-, mobile- and tablet-friendlyness. You can adjusts the colors and style and with your logo per event. Your customers will immediately identify your ticket shop. The ticket shop is available in multiple languages. Static pages for more information, FAQ, terms and/or code of conduct can be added.

The ticket shop generates tickets as a PDF file. Attendees, can download them, print them or bring them electronically. The ticket editor allows you to easily create a unique ticket layout with a barcode for easy processing. The ticket shop integrates with electronic wallets, and electronic Passbooks for electronic tickets

Flexible Tickets

Tickets can be setup in a flexible manner, including additional ticket features, gifts, bundles or exclusive add-ons. Tickets fall into categories and come in multiple variations, with different add-ons. Different tracks can be included into one tickets and quota’s let you limit the number of attendees per track or in total. An open price structure allows attendees to pay any price for a ticket.

Tickets can be downloadable tickets, or you can print them tickets and ship them. We provide ticket printering services for the ticket shop. You can connect ticket printers to print out tickets or wristbands or scannable cards. We also provide shipping services for these tickets packages and can ship them directly to the attendees.


Each ticket or attendee, can be asked additional questions during registration. The ticket shop will create nice output graphs with the answers of these questions.


The ticket shop can be embedded into your website, to create an integrated user experience, whithout leaving your website. This embedded ticket shop is a fully functional ticket shop where the user goes trough the ticket purchase process.

Quotas & Waiting List

Each product can have a quota, limiting the number of attendees per product. One a product is ‘sold out’, an automated waiting list is activated which also new potential attendees to register. If a cancellation or a refund is issued the automated waiting list will send out a registration request to the waiting list queue. This allowing you to have your event at full capacity. This process can also be deactivated or run manually.

Voucher system

The ticket shop allows you to create voucher, or discount codes, with can be limited in usage or timeframe. These vouchers and discount codes allow you to provide custom tickets. Tickets can be linked to vouchers, so those special tickets are only visible when the voucher code is entered. Additionally vouchers can override any quota’s, or can reserve from the quota.

Email Communication

All attendees register their email address, and you can mail them with any ticket updates directly through the ticket shop. It allows you to ask permission to add them to your emailing list.


The ticket shop can automatically generate invoices for all orders or payments. You can configure the invoicing module in detail and adjust it to your legal requirements.

Payment provider

The ticket shop allows integrated PCI-DSI compliant payment functionallity. This means that your customers can pay by credit/debit card, or in other ways directly. Tickets get allocated and if there are delayed payment confirmations, the ticket will be update automatically through the Paymenet Processor.

Check-in Lists

The ticket shop allows you to track attendees that get checked-in, an app can be used to scan the ticket QR codes. This check-in can be setup as a check-in desk and while internet is preferred, it is not a requirement. VanTosh can provide you with a check-in desk and all equipement to process check-in’s in a speedy manner.


The ticket shop allows you to setup different teams that can create event and sell tickets. Each organizing teamcan get access to specific parts with full or limited access.


It is possible to configure notifications based upon certain actions. The standard notification is per email and allows you to get instant feedback when an order is created, paid or cancelled.

The Pretix All-in-one ticket hosting provides :

  • Online shop, box office and ticket outlets
  • Focus on privacy and security
  • Full multi-language capabilities
  • Highly adaptable to your event
  • Extensible with plug-ins and through a REST API
  • Risk-free and transparent pricing

More on our Pretix SaaS page.