Icinga Support Services

Icinga Support Services

VanTosh, as an official Enterprise Partner of Icinga, offers standard and customized Icinga Support packages and many more options.

Icinga Subscription

An Icinga Support Subscription provides professional assistance to cover your entire monitoring infrastructure.
This makes it easier for you to focus on your business.

It also provides you with a feedback loop to influence new features, we can patch Icinga to your needs and get those patches upstreamed.

Icinga Stack

Icinga is a monitoring software that has an engine, a user interface and interfaces, this allows Icinga to be combined with other software.
These modules allow Icinga to integrate within your current infrastructure and to combine specialized software for an optimal user experience.
VanTosh support the standard module to create your customized stack and provides some ready-to-consume stack for your convenience.

Icinga Modules

  • Basic Modules
    • Icinga 2 Core
    • Icinga Web 2
    • Icinga DB
    • Icinga Director
      • Icinga Director AWS Import
      • Icinga Director Azure Import
    • Icinga Certificate Monitoring
    • Icinga Reporting
    • Icinga Business Process Modelling
    • Icinga Cube
    • Icinga Module for Jira
    • Icinga Module for Trouble Ticket System Integration
    • Icinga Module for Elasticsearch
    • Icinga Elasticsearch Writer
    • Icinga Logstash Integration
    • Icinga Grafana Integration
    • Icinga Prometheus Integration
    • Icinga Icingabeat
    • Icinga Module for Graphite
    • Icinga Output for Graphite
    • Icinga Output for Elasticsearch
    • Icinga Output InfluxDB
    • Icinga Output for OpenTSDB
    • Icinga Output for VictoriaMetrics
  • Advanced Modules
    • Icinga for IBM AIX
    • Icinga for IBM System i
    • Icinga for OpenPOWER
    • Icinga for IBM z/VM
    • Icinga for IBM z/OS
    • Icinga for Microsoft Windows Server
    • Icinga for Microsoft Windows
    • Icinga for VMWare vSphere

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