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SELinux, Security-Enhanced Linux, is a feature that provides that provides Manditory Access Control (MAC) in Linux. This mechanism provides access control through security policies enforced by the Linux Security Modules (LSM), which runs as a Linux kernel module. SELinux is not a Linux distribution, but rather a set of kernel modifications and user-space tools that can be added to various Linux distributions It creates compartments for each process, socket, file and user to allow seperation and isolation to each compartment.

Here are some of the features of SELinux :

It has been integrated into the mainline Linux kernel and into most commonly used Linux distributions.

Server hardening

Server hardening is a process whereby the security of the server gets increased by reducing the area of possible vulnerabilities. Generally systems have unnecessary software, usernames, logins and services running, disabling or removal of them already can increase security. Another simple way is to implement seperation of duties by using single function systems or single process systems.
The use of specific extensions in web servers, database servers or other services can also increase security, while leaving the application untouched.

Database hardening

A database server generally is installed using a default template, this templates are not secure at all, it is therefor required to increase security of these database servers.
A list or database servers supported for hardening :

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Application hardening

Standard applications are installed and updated regularly for security reasons, however most of these standard applications have not been secured or are installed incorrectly allowing all users to gain access or even outsiders to gain access.
An adjustment to the applications to increase security, isolation of the application on the system, user access to the application are some possible ways to increase security.
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