Icinga Partner

Icinga Partner

VanTosh is a Enterprise Partner of Icinga.

Icinga is a Infrastructure and Service Monitoring tool.
Icinga offers you the opportunity to monitor a complete system landscape starting from the hardware, recent OS and applications. Everything with an interface can be integrated into the monitoring process even existing monitoring tools and scripts.
In combination with other tools, Icinga can do more than just monitoring.
For more information about Icinga, please look on our Icinga Software page.

VanTosh partners with Icinga for :


VanTosh provides Icinga services, such as installation, maintenance or updating.
We can install a green field situation, however we can also convert from other monitoring tools.
We can help you maintain your monitoring system or assist you with upgrades.
Fore more information about our Icinga Consulting Services


VanTosh provides Icinga support in cooperation with Icinga as a full Icinga support partner.
The support services VanTosh provides is Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Support.
All support is provided with co-operation of Icinga.
For more information about our Icinga Support Package page.


VanTosh provides official Icinga training based upon direct contact with the Icinga Developers.
We will provide you have first-hand information and solid learning base to start using Icinga in your own environment.
With our Icinga advanced trainings you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge even further.
More information on our Icinga Training page.


In cooperation with Trilands  , we provide a solution for IT monitoring. This solution can monitor your IT infrastructure, from the room temperature of your data center to the toner level of your printer. It consists of a hardware, software, and a service component, it is the combination of these 3 elements that is packaged as a solution. We provide these solutions in a wide variaty of possibilities and have a dedicated page for this solution on our IT Monitoring System solution page.

For even more information about Icinga, visit Icinga website 

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